Online Casinos Are Changing In 2023

January 31, 2023

Did you ever notice an increase in losses or high wagering requirements at some online casinos? Over the last couple of years, wins seemed fewer than losses for some of us. While regulations, fines and software were added, the public has in part paid for the casino costs and updates. First of all, in 2023, there’s good news! Many online casinos have now decided to decrease wagering requirements to attract new customers and some casinos online have also chosen to increase their win opportunities (Megaways Slots is one).

Most casinos that chose to decrease wagering requirements are UK/European casinos. As a rule, USA casino wagering requirements tend to stay quite low (30-35x).

UK gamblers & European gamblers may now have better opportunities of winning from sign-up bonuses and could see fairer play results. Of course, there is no guarantee of winning a signup bonus. But things are looking up, in terms of wagering requirements. This is a breath of fresh air for some who needed a stroke of luck.

When you think about online businesses there’s always competition. We expect many other casinos to follow suit and reduce their wagering requirements. But with online casinos now lowering wagering requirements, and joining the rest of the world, it is probably the best casino news for the UK. UK gamblers have really had a dry spell for some time. This change will also affect gamblers in Canada as well as global players.

Casinos Lowering Their Wagering Requirements In 2023

  • The VIC
  • Realtor Casino
  • Regal Wins

These online casinos have reduced their wagering requirement to 50x bonus and deposit. And we will keep you posted about more casino WR. Many casinos in the UK are 60-65x b&d, yet some are actually lower. The highest is CR casinos (200x), but people still play there for the CR VIP programs, exclusive games and free bonuses, It is really important that you stick with a casino that suits you, rather than chase any losses, and make the most of all the promotions which are available to you. For many, a new casino with low wagering requirements is preferable. To read about CR casinos click here. Every experience is different for each player. And it is an individual choice where they want to play.

Below we share even more examples of casinos with low wagering requirements.

  • Mr Play
  • Luckster Casino
  • Mansion Casino
  • Video Slots
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